Islands Energy Group has ditched a carbon neutral campaign which focused on carbon offsetting.

The company, previously known as Manx Gas, explained that it is moving forward with a new strategy involving the appointment of a sustainability officer.

Islands Energy Group said: ‘Part of our long-term vision for the Islands Energy Group and our gas supply businesses in the Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey, is to improve their sustainability, lessen their environmental impact and ensure they have a place in the future energy sector.

‘We have begun our journey to net zero and Alex Herschel’s appointment to chief sustainability officer is a reflection of our commitment to this new strategy.

‘We are really looking forward to launching our new sustainability strategy, which will set out how we will contribute to the energy transition. The “Carbon Neutral” campaign from last year focused on one small part of this equation, carbon offsetting.

‘While offsetting does contribute to global efforts to combat climate change, in committing to become a net zero business the focus of the Islands Energy Group is now to prioritise efforts to avoid, remove and reduce carbon emissions.

‘This increased commitment to the environment shall be reflected in our new sustainability strategy and future campaigns.

‘The “Carbon Neutral” campaign has therefore been superseded and we do not plan to revisit it.’