The Curraghs Wildlife Park welcomed some new arrivals this week in the form of five Swinhoe’s striped squirrels.

The small species of rodent, found mostly in China and Southeast Asia, are like most squirrels as they usually live in tropical rainforest areas where there are many mountains, particularly in couples or groups.

Swinhoe’s striped squirrels have a diet consisting of mostly seeds, fruits, nuts and ginger nectar.

They are being housed where the chipmunks used to be.

A spokesperson for the Wildlife Park said: ‘They do look remarkably like chipmunks; being closely related!

‘These five guys are only five months old, born at Chester Zoo, quite active and more visible than the last residents.

‘Our chipmunks, when they arrived, were estimated to be about three years old, however as a customs seizure their actual birth date was not known when we received them from the rescue centre, and the last one died this year.

‘Our Swinhoe’s squirrels should live to around six years of age.’

Swinhoe’s squirrels have stripes running from their nose to their neck and a second set running the length of their body to their tail. Small tufts of white fur can be seen on the tips of their ears. Females have a longer tail than males.

They usually have litters that average in size of about three to six offspring.