The government is inviting schools, businesses and community groups to organise sustainable picnics to celebrate food and drink and those who produce it.

UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man, an organisation that recognises the island as a learning place for sustainable development, wants people to register for the Biosphere Bee Community Picnic 2023 in the second year of the initiative.

It addresses social isolation, connects people in the community and helps those who are new to the island make friends.

Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture Clare Barber said: ‘The event encourages people to explore and enjoy the beautiful outdoors and the biodiversity in our UNESCO Biosphere in a sustainable way that leaves no negative impact.

‘As well as its natural connotations, Bee means gathering in English and is Manx for food, making it the perfect title for the event.

‘Central to any picnic, of course, is enjoying tasty local food and drink, supporting our hard-working local food and drink producers and our local economy.

‘Picnics will be unique to the classmates, clubs, cul-de-sacs, companies and communities organising them.

‘They can have fun making them different and memorable.

‘We encourage everyone to get involved and look forward to all the imaginative ways people celebrate Biosphere Bee in 2023.’

Organisers should register their Biosphere Bee Community Picnic through the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man website, then go ahead and organise it.

They will receive a guidance pack on organising a sustainable picnic and other digital resources such as posters and invitations, enabling them to plan and host their events.

To register your event and receive your pack, visit the Biosphere projects webpage and scroll to ‘Biosphere Bee 2023.’

If you want a chat prior to registering an event, email [email protected]

UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man welcomes organisers posting news of their events on social media and tagging it, and sending in photos.

This will run from April to September.