The former Chief executive of Loganair has slammed a rival airline's treatment of the Isle of Man just days before announcing he'd quit his job.

Last Friday, Jonathan Hinkles announced that he is stepping down from his role post as CEO of the regional airline with immediate effect.

Just days, the then aviation boss launched an astonishing attack on EasyJet over how the airline serves island communities, including the Isle of Man.

In a post on networking site LinkedIn, he said that serving islands is a 'full time, year-round job as it battles through snow and ice, high winds and some really rather grotty conditions' and that Loganair do their 'upmost to support everything ranging from hospital trips to mail and newspaper deliveries'.

He continued by saying that many islands 'rely on Loganair for all of this and more, just as we (Loganair) rely on them for business, whether than be throughout Scotland or the Isle of Man'.

Reiterating that it's a commitment that Loganair take seriously, Mr Hinkles said he hoped the airline was recognised 'especially on the Isle of Man', before pointing the finger at his rivals for pulling its summer Saturday flights between mid June and late August from both the Manchester-Isle of Man and Manchester-Jersey routes.

He claimed the reason why these flights were pulled were because 'it's decided to add an extra flight between Manchester and the Greek holiday island of Mykonos, where it can presumably make more money for its holidays division than flying to the Isle of Man'.

Mr Hinkles added said: 'It's really not a great message as to where you (Isle of Man) figure in their (EasyJet's) list of priorities.'

EasyJet recently quashed speculation that the budget airline is pulling out of the Isle of Man entirely.

It came after potential passengers contacted Isle of Man Today to express concerns that the firm was 'dropping flights' to and from the island.

And the concerns raised have come as EasyJet last year announced it was scrapping flights between Ronaldsway airport and Bristol until February.

It's also pulled all journeys between the Isle of Man and Belfast since the turn of the year to March 7, 2024 and has announced plans to reduce summer flights to Manchester.

When contacted by Isle of Man Today about the flights schedule, a spokeswoman for easyJet said 'it was not the case', maintaining that the airline was fully comitted to the island.