The new ‘Smoky Sam’s BBQ’ eatery in Port Erin is now officially open for business.

In partnership with Foraging Vintners Winery and Bar, the restaurant has opened at the south end of Port Erin Promenade on Shore Road at the old coal shed at the Breakwater.

The Foraging Vintners building, where Smoky Sam's BBQ is based
The Foraging Vintners building, where Smoky Sam's BBQ is based (N/A)

Customers can enjoy a drink in the Foraging Vintners bar on the left, with the right being opened up as a restaurant space with two large tables and benches at either side of them.

And should customers wish to stay in the main bar, they are able to order food there too, with Smoky Sam’s staff bringing the order straight to their seat.

During the summer months, when the rain has (potentially) gone away, the outside benches opposite the Foraging Vintners building will be available for customers to use.

From there, they can order food and drink from the bar and the restaurant while enjoying beautiful scenic views of Port Erin Bay and Bradda Head.

Speaking about the opening of his new eatery, Sam Levi, the owner of Smoky Sam’s BBQ, said: ‘There's a lot of work that goes into these things, from designing the menus to trying to work out what people want to eat.

‘To pull everything together and to achieve a sense of harmony can be quite a lot.’

Revealing why he chose to open Smoky Sam’s in Port Erin, Sam said: ‘After moving to the island, it was actually my favourite place to come and visit.

‘I'd spend quite a lot of time on my days off down here, just relaxing on the beach.

‘I was actually in Foraging Vintners one afternoon and ended up speaking to Ian [Swindells, owner of Foraging Vintners], and he offered us the the residency in the kitchen here. I thought that was perfect.’

Smoky Sam’s BBQ menu consists of a wide range of options, such as the ‘Mexican Beef Short Rib’, ‘Pulled Pork Sandwich’, ‘Signature Dirty Fries’ and ‘Bourbon BBQ Wings’.

The Smoky Sam's BBQ menu
The Smoky Sam's BBQ menu (N/A)

And the ‘smoked’ offering doesn’t stop at main courses - the ‘Smoked Chocolate Brownie’ with peanut caramel and bourbon ice cream is available for dessert at a price of £7.

Discussing the menu, Sam said: ‘We’re calling it the “world inspired barbecue”.

‘We’ve got options from your classic Texas barbecue, all the way through to Asia and also Argentinian dishes.

‘The menu also boasts a variety of homemade sauces, including the classic Smokehouse BBQ, Smoky Chipotle BBQ, Apple BBQ, and the standout Smoked Peach and Habanero Hot Sauce, with new flavours like Rhubarb Hot Sauce in the works.

The signature dirty fries and the pulled pork sandwich at Smoky Sam's BBQ
The signature dirty fries and the pulled pork sandwich at Smoky Sam's BBQ (N/A)

‘We want to keep it new and exciting all the time with a constantly changing menu.’

Smoky Sam’s BBQ will not be limiting itself to one location in Port Erin - another eatery is set to open at the Cosy Nook Cafe at the other end of the Promenade.

The Cosy Nook is set to re-open on Thursday, March 28, with a slightly different ‘beachside barbecue’ menu on offer.

Sam said: ‘We make our own pastrami, so we’re going to do our own “Reuben Sandwich”. We’re also going to do wings and fries down there, things like that really.

‘An exciting addition to that menu is our “Crab Rolls” - my girlfriend has fond memories of eating crab rolls at the Cosy Nook as a child and so I decided to add it to the menu.’

Smoky Sam’s BBQ is now open from Wednesday until Sunday from 12pm until 9pm.