In the early hours of this morning (Wednesday), Peel Coastguard Rescue Team were alerted by the Maritime Operations Centre (M.O.C) to a sinking fishing vessel.

It had sunk in Peel Harbour last night (Tuesday).

Reports indicated that debris was floating in the area.

Boat sunk in Peel Harbour
Boat sunk in Peel Harbour (Peel Coastguard Rescue Team)

Upon their arrival at the scene, coastguards responded quickly to contain the situation. A boom was deployed around the sunken vessel to prevent further dispersal of debris, mitigating any potential risks to the surrounding environment.

Contractors were also mobilised to assist in managing the aftermath of the incident. Efforts are underway to salvage and refloat the vessel, with hopes that this operation will be completed by the end of the day.

Despite the challenges posed by this incident, coastguard crews remained vigilant and prepared for any further calls. As of 8.15am, responders were back on station, ready to respond to any additional emergencies that may arise.