Isle of Man Bank customers have been targeted by fraudsters over the Christmas period.

NatWest International, the parent company of the Isle of Man Bank, is currently investigating all reported cases.

Plastic card fraud is the compromise of any personal information from a credit or debit card. The information stolen from a card can then be used to commit fraud and withdraw unauthorised funds from an account.

The banks says that, where customers have not supplied any card details, reported cases of plastic card fraud will be refunded in full.

A spokesman said: ‘Due to the Christmas period and the high volume of calls, there will be a delay in processing these cases, however this won’t prevent refunds from taking place and the bank is prioritising any customers who are facing financial distress.

‘Customers of NatWest International and Isle of Man Bank are being asked to be vigilant. If any suspicious card activity is spotted, please use the “manage my card” function within the app to lock the card, before calling the 24-hour customer services number to report the activity.

‘Customers who do not have the app or access to online banking and see any unusual transactions, are advised to call straightaway.’

Visit the NatWest International website for contact details to report fraud