A retired teacher from Onchan has walked the 100-mile Raad ny Foillan path for three charities.

Freda Black, who declined to tell us how old she is, has walked the path to raise money for Cancer Research, the British Heart Foundation and Crossroads Care.

Currently she is unaware of how much she has raised for the three charities but said it should be more than £1,000.

Ms Black started the walk and did it in sections following the island’s second lockdown in January.

She finished the final stretch of her journey yesterday (Wednesday) from Groudle Glen to the Sea Terminal.

When asked how she felt having finished her challenge, she said: ’Fantastic. I can’t believe I’ve actually got here.

’Sometimes it’s been a bit hard but you just keep going.’

The former teacher at Onchan School found some of the paths difficult to walk.

She said: ’It really does need some work doing on it because there were some parts where the ferns were completely across the path.

’It does need cutting back. Also the signs, we spent ages walking around trying to find where the next sign was.’

She has had various people accompanying her along the path who have compiled timings for each section but Ms Black wasn’t doing it to beat a certain time.

Ms Black added: ’I wasn’t aiming to get from A to B in a specific time, I was getting from there while enjoying what I was doing and looking at the island from a completely different aspect.

’It’s absolutely amazing the things I’ve seen.’

She chose the charities due to personal experience.

’My husband died of a heart attack when I was quite young, I’ve had cancer and lost friends to cancer and I’ve spent a lot of last year caring for a friend meaning I found out what it was like to be a carer,’ she continued.