The disconnection of Isle of Man Energy customers and alternatives to a new sea wall in Douglas are on the agenda for this month’s Tynwald sitting on Tuesday.

Douglas North MHK, David Ashford wants to know what discussions have been held between the Office of Fair Trading and Manx Gas about vulnerable customers cut off before the pause in disconnections, and what action is being taken to reconnect them.

Last month 30 customers who had fallen into arrears were disconnected by Isle of Man Energy.

The company was due to disconnect a further 90 customers the following week but following engagement with the OFT, agreed to a short pause in disconnecting customers while it reviewed the individual cases.

Some of the 30 customers who had been were reconnected, according to then Chair of the OFT, John Wannenburgh.

Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK, Jason Moorhouse, will be asking Infrastructure Minister, Tim Crookall, what alternatives to a new sea wall in Douglas have been considered.

Next month a 1.2 metre high sea wall along a 500m section of the Douglas prom aims to protect the seafront against flooding.

The work will span from the War Memorial to the Empress Hotel, and is expected to commence in the latter half of January and be completed in September next year.

Planning approval has also been granted to replace a further section of railings between the Sea Terminal and the TT Café with a new sea wall.

Mr Moorhouse will also be asking Julie Edge, Minister for Education, Sport and Culture, whether a replacement for the Southern Community Swimming Pool is contained within plans for the new Castle Rushen High School; and, if not, what alternative plans there are for a replacement pool.

A costed long-term plan from the DoI and DESC to develop regional sports hubs is set to be on the Tynwald register before next month’s Tynwald sitting.

An update was due in October this year, but Ms Edge said that more work needed to be undertaken for what has proven to be a ‘complex project’.

The long-standing redevelopment of Castle Rushen High School has recently secured money for the briefing and design development of the southern school.

Treasury Minister Alex Allinson will be making a statement on the government’s tax strategy.

The chair of Manx Utilities, John Wannenburgh, will be asking for approval for a further sewerage rate increase of 5.7%.

Prior to the sitting, there will be a protest organised by two barbers who say they have seen growing dissatisfaction with the Cannan administration. The sitting will start at 10am on December 12.