Godfrey Egee has been re-appointed as the chair of Port Erin Commissioners for the sixth year in a row.

During Tuesday night’s annual general meeting, the board unanimously agreed for Mr Egee to continue as chair for the next year and for Marc Morley to serve in the deputy role.

Mr Egee said: ‘I can only thank the board for having the trust in me to continue for another year. This makes it six years in a row, which is hard to believe!

‘My aim has always been the same - to do the best for the people of Port Erin.’

Committee and board roles were then selected during the AGM, with all members agreeing to stay in their current positions.

There were also no changes made to the standing orders and the commissioners were asked to complete a declaration of interests form.

On the public agenda was an email from a local business about a recent debate on holiday homes in the village. The commissioners agreed during the meeting to properly ‘scrutinise’ these applications for holiday homes, and considered whether they should put their support behind them.

The board agreed to stand by its previous resolution of scrutinising applications, especially based on where the planned location is and whether it’s full tourism use or partial.

Another agenda item which stirred up debate was a delay to a new pension scheme for officers and staff at local authorities across the island.

Although the document was not made public, the commissioners said during the meeting that it and other local authorities were consulted about the new scheme, and it was widely unsupported.

The Department of Infrastructure drafted the new scheme and the board members agreed it’s not a ‘fair’ scheme and will impact its longest serving staff.

Reporting from Emma Draper