The definition of active travel - the means of choosing to walk or cycle rather than use motorised transport - has been ’muddled’ by the previous administration, says the minister for infrastructure.

After being asked by Middle MHK Stu Peters about the replacement of the former railway bridges between St John’s and Kirk Michael for active travel, Tim Crookall said he would be reviewing the island’s Active Travel Strategy ’over the next couple of months to see exactly where we are’.

This was because he felt the previous administration’s understanding of the term had been confused.

He said: ’I do believe that there is confusion over the active travel.’

Mr Crookall said that he thought schemes had been included when they aren’t actually classed as active travel, but should be part of other schemes.

He added: ’Some schemes and things have been thrown into the mix as active travel when really they’re just doing footpaths and things that should not be in there.

’They are there for everyday things such as walking and hobbies.’

The minister mentioned there would be an active travel briefing.

He was asked by Mr Peters if active travel is an option ’for a few hardy souls’, rather than ’an alternative means of transport for the many’ as it ’only benefits a small number of road users’.

The MHK said: ’The timely maintenance of our roadwork network affects us all and should be given higher priority’.

The infrastructure minister said: ’Active travel is an education, I have to be careful what I’m saying because there are big budgets in here, but I absolutely understand that first and foremost, more people are using the roads now, but we’re on a long journey here with active travel and we need to give people the ability to walk, cycle into work or even during the evenings, weekends and things.’