A health drop-in service will be starting in the north next month.

The Northern Wellbeing Partnership is establishing a weekly drop-in service for those with queries around wellbeing or Manx Care services.

It will be based in Ramsey town hall from April 3.

This will allow people registered with Ramsey group practice the option of face to face conversations as well as telephone referrals directly, ensuring that people who need access to health and social care services can do so closer to their homes.

The ‘Wellbeing Partnership’ model, developed by Manx Care, is a new way of working with third sector (charity and voluntary) organisations to provide what Manx Care says is ‘a seamless and efficient person-centred, multi-agency health and social care service through a single point of referral’.

It aims to ensuring there is better co-ordination of health and social care services closer to people’s homes and that are focused on helping people to maintain their independence.

Unlike the two physical presences Manx Care already has in the west and south, it does not currently have a physical base in north, although this will be developed over time once suitable facilities are available.
Until then, this drop-in will support the northern community.

There are also plans for the development of a Wellbeing Partnership in the east, to further improve access to community-based health and social care services for residents living in this area.

The Northern Partnership will initially provide a counter service every Monday from April 3 at Ramsey town hall, from 10am to noon and 12.45pm to 4pm.

Manx Care’s chief executive, Teresa Cope, said: ;This drop-in service will mean that health and social care services will begin to be more easily accessible to a wider group of people, ensuring that they get the right care, at the right time, and in the right place.

‘This work towards a full launch of a Northern Wellbeing Partnership indicates our commitment to the development of a person-centred health and social care service.’