People are still getting their first Covid jab

By Siobhan Fletcher   |   Reporter   |
Wednesday 27th April 2022 11:35 am
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Children aged between five and 11 began receiving the Covid-19 vaccine last week.

Vaccines had been given to children in this age group deemed vulnerable or ‘at risk’ since February, but now the option is open to all.

As a result of the rollout, the vaccination hub at Chester Street has had a facelift.

It has been redecorated to make it less of a clinical environment.

The emphasis has been on creating a ‘fun’ and calm environment with appropriate artwork on the walls, including some pictures supplied by pupils at Henry Bloom Noble Primary School in Douglas, and some created by Manx Care.

In addition, appointment times are longer with fewer children being vaccinated at the same time in order to give them as much time and space as possible.

Following this latest rollout, we asked Manx Care whether people are still coming forward to be vaccinated.

A spokesperson for Manx Care said: ‘People are still coming forward.

‘Although we have seen a reduction in the number of people being given a primary or booster dose, appointments can be booked through 111 for anyone who wishes to start their course of the Covid-19 vaccination, or for those who need to complete their primary course, or booster vaccination course.

‘Appointments are available for Covid-19 vaccinations across the week, alongside appointments for those having their spring booster vaccination or those in the five to 11 age bracket (these people will be in receipt of correspondence detailing an appointment time for them).

‘A number of walk-in clinics will also be scheduled across May and June, and details of these sessions will be published in due course.

‘We’d really like to make it clear for people that it’s not too late to get vaccinated against Covid-19 – please call 111 to seek advice or book an appointment.’

In terms of how many vaccines people can expect to receive, the spokesperson said: ‘People have different vaccine dosage schedules depending on their medical record in accordance with JCVI advice.

‘Some people have received a fifth jab in line with this advice.

‘All information regarding the vaccines an individual is able to receive is on the government website.’

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