Noble’s Hospital is no longer under severe pressure but staffing ‘remains tight’.

Manx Care says that the hospital is currently operating at OPEL 2 status and has been OPEL 1 and 2 across the weekend, which means the hospital has been operating under normal parameters.

This comes after Noble’s Hospital issued multiple pleas throughout this month for people to ‘choose well’ when considering their healthcare options, adding that the hospital was under severe pressure and at OPEL 4 status.

There were a high number of ill patients requiring immediate treatment or admission for further care.

Many of those attending the hospital have been suffering from flu or other respiratory illnesses.

However, the organisation is still asking people to choose well to ensure the hospital maintains this operating level.

‘It’s really important that people continue to attend the healthcare setting that is most appropriate for their condition or clinical need at all times, rather than just through the peak winter period,’ Manx Care said.

It also previously asked for any available nurses to take on work at the hospital to alleviate staff shortages and pressure.

Manx Care added: ‘Staffing shortages are a global issue, and locally we are still working hard to ensure we are filling gaps in rotas, as well as continuing with our recruitment plans to try to fill as many vacancies as we can.

‘Although staffing still remains tight, it isn’t as tight as it was across the New Year Bank Holiday weekend.

‘Our senior nursing teams continue to review the staffing situation across both the Noble’s and Ramsey sites on a regular basis in order to ensure all wards and clinical areas are sufficiently staffed.’

The government’s latest respiratory report concluded that the number of respiratory illness patients attending the emergency department was the highest seen in the last four years, exceeding the previous 2020 peak by 95%.