More than 200 people have said they’re interested in giving a home to fleeing Ukrainians.

By the time we went to press, a new Homes for Ukraine scheme had 229 expressions of interest for which the government said it was ‘extremely grateful’.

The Homes for Ukraine Scheme team is currently working through all of the registrations and will be in touch to outline the next steps.

It opened last week for people to put themselves forward to become hosts for those fleeing the conflict.

Anyone who wishes to host Ukrainian nationals or offer an empty property can express their interest using a new form.

This will collect information, including whether the host is offering a spare room or an empty property, and how long the host is willing to take part in the scheme.

According to the government, the response to this has been ‘overwhelming’ so far.

Those interested in signing up for the scheme are being advised to ‘read the support information carefully to understand the requirements of the scheme’, in particular the commitment of six months.

It also includes details of other checks that will be required to ensure that the environment being offered is ‘appropriate and safe for both hosts and guests’.

This scheme is different from the UK Government’s approach and provides a ‘locally-tailored solution’, according to Isle of Man Government.

It has said that registration doesn’t automatically mean you will receive guests in the future but it provides chance for the government to understand the opportunities withinthe Manx community.

Cabinet Office Minister and MHK Kate Lord-Brennan said: ‘We have decided to create our own scheme instead of following the UK approach, to better meet the needs of our community. I would ask those interested in becoming hosts to fill in the Isle of Man online form rather than using the UK’s.

‘This new scheme is another step in facilitating those who are fleeing the conflict to come to the Isle of Man as a safe haven.’

A full list of frequently asked questions is also available for those considering taking part in the scheme.

Meanwhile, the Ukraine family route was last week extended to those in the Isle of Man who may hold limited leave to remain, such as people here for employment purposes, and wish to bring over their extended family.

Visa applications are also open for hosts to sponsor named Ukrainians, for example, friends, work colleagues, and extended family, and their immediate family members to the island.

If you already have a named contact you wish to sponsor you should speak to them directly and fill in the visa application with both sets of details.

According to the government, work is continuing with partner organisations to understanding what else the island might do to support the people of Ukraine and, in particular, those who have taken refuge in the region.