Information on whether the horse trams will go ahead this year is due to come out in next week’s sitting of Tynwald.

Garff MHK Daphne Caine will ask the minister for infrastructure when the horse tramway on Douglas Promenade will be completed and when trams will operate.

She will also ask the minister for enterprise what assessment has been made by his department and the Visit Agency of both the heritage value and the tourism of the horse tramway.

A meeting was held on April 12 and Tim Crookall confirmed that everyone involved in the installation of the points for the horse trams would be taking part in the discussions. The meeting was supposed to determine if the horse trams would run this year but no update has been given since.

Previous to this, the Department of Infrastructure said there were a number of ‘outstanding issues’ with the tramway, which currently runs to the bottom of Broadway.