Hospice Isle of Man has announced the re-introduction of its respite care service.

‘Bloom respite care’ is being re-introduced within the existing in-patient unit, and signifies a collaboration between Hospice Isle of Man and the Henry Bloom Noble Healthcare Trust.

The collaboration between the two charities is a two-year partnership, which sees the respite service being re-installed after it was suspended due to staffing shortages and financial constraints during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A spokesperson from Hospice said: ‘Bloom respite care will be offered to those who need it the most and therefore it will make a big impact.

‘The aims of the collaboration between the two charities include improving the well-being of patients with life-limiting conditions, improving the relationships with their family, improving the well-being of their carers and providing an enhanced end-of-life journey for those with life-limiting conditions.

Hospice care always has been and always will be about the patient.

‘However, in the darkest of times, when the situation at home can seem impossible, respite care can make a lasting and vital difference to families who are in real need.

‘Respite care will provide many great advantages to the family or carer. They will know that the patient is in safe hands, being well cared for, they have a medic nearby and will provide the carer themselves with the gift of rest and recuperation.’

The chairman of the Henry Bloom Noble Trust, Terry Groves, said: ‘This support we are giving to this vital element of the care available at our Hospice meets one of our most important criteria – that the funding we are able to provide brings almost immediate results to those who need the care.’