With the Manx Grand Prix’s centenary year seeing spectators and bike enthusiasts arriving from all around the world, we went along to Glenlough Campsite to ask campers how they were finding this year’s event.

Richard Whittaker, Steve Green and Jimmy Aspinall, from North Wales, are big fans of the Manx Grand Prix.

Richard said: ‘It’s very important – it’s the grassroots event.

Jimmy added: ‘I think it’s more important than the TT because it’s a mixture of people who come.’

The group got to the island on Thursday morning, and stayed for the bank holiday weekend of racing.

Steve said: ‘I think it should be compulsory to race at the MGP before the TT to be honest with you. It should be a feeder event which would promote it as well.

‘I disagree with the people against the MGP. It’s more relaxed than the TT and people are enjoying themselves a lot more.’

Brothers Martin and Ian Hornby have travelled separately from Australia and the Shetland Islands to meet in the Isle of Man.

Ian said: ‘It’s fantastic here, I love the old bikes.

‘It’s the first time I’ve come to the Manx Grand Prix, I’ve been to the TT about six times, so I’m just delighted to be here.

‘I think you need a feeder into the TT. It’s so popular now that to get up to speed we need this fantastic event.

Martin said: ‘You have to get the practice in before you go racing in the TT.’

We asked the pair their favourite spots on the 37.73-mile course, which they both agreed was a difficult question to answer.

Ian said: ‘I like the Crosby jump. It’s better at the TT with the superbikes because these older bikes at the Manx Grand Prix aren’t going so fast so you’re not getting as much air time.’

Michael Branson, David Branson and Glenn Davis have come to the island from Stockport and can’t believe how good the Manx Grand Prix is.

David said: ‘It’s been absolutely fantastic, it’s the first time I’ve ever been here but these guys have been here before for the TT.

‘I’ve found the Manx Grand Prix absolutely incredible, and I will certainly be coming back.

‘I like all of the spots around the course to be honest, we’ve had a fabulous time.’

Glenn said: ‘I think the MGP is better than the TT. I’ve been to two TTs and this is my first Manx but it’s better.

‘It’s not as busy, so it’s not as crowded, and there’s not as many idiots either.

‘I love the two strokes, they’re amazing bikes.’

‘We’ve enjoyed watching from here [Glenlough], we go out on the bikes then can come back here

‘That’s what I think the beauty of the MGP is, it draws everyone in from every walk of life into one thing we all love.’

Michael said: ‘Crosby leap is phenomenal, that’s my favourite spot’.

Michael Ryan has come from Ireland with his friend Michael Connor to watch the MGP this year.

He said: ‘I’m loving it, it’s such good fun. The Manx Grand Prix is more relaxed [than the TT], the people are friendlier, less traffic and less hassle.’