A Manx social media campaign to raise awareness for the female victims of abuse around the world has raised £800 for the cause.

Creators from poets to digital artists set themselves a challenge each day to create a feminist piece of creativity, and raise money for Womankind Worldwide.

The latter is a global women’s rights organisation working to transform the lives of women and girls around the world.


So far, the challenge has raised £800 via its Just Giving fundraising page online.

Thirty Days of Womankind’s creator Brintha Yasodaran, aged 16, said: ’We’ve raised £800 and created quite a lot of inspiring poems, art work, music and infographics.

’It’s been quite challenging at times to get yourself into the mood for writing each day but it’s certainly helped me have a fuller understanding about how sexism can affect everyone’s life.’

The Ballakermeen student said that there was about 20 people taking part each day and some artists got in touch with her for tributes to Sophia Gouldon, a Manxwoman and mother of the suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst, who was involved in helping UK women win the right to vote.

’I think I will do the challenge again next year. I enjoyed writing poetry every single day, but I think it would link to how sexism is going to continue to affect [women] beyond the project and we will continue to face violence around the world,’ she said.

’It took a lot of self-confidence to start it, because sometimes people think there’s no point in fighting for things such as feminism, and that those that do are"extreme" and "radical".

’They also think we’ve already "won" the battle with the right for women to vote and that there’s "no such thing as sexism" any more. That’s just not true.

’Even with the rise of social media, we have new generations of sexism as beauty expectations are plastered onto our screens and the abuse we face from sexual harassment has found new forms online.

’It’s not over, and I think it’s pertinent for young people we need to get this message across because it does affect us from such a young age.

’I’m so proud because it takes quite a bit of confidence to voice your opinion on an issue that’s been disregarded for such a long time,’ she added.

’Money raised will go towards working with victims of sexual abuse, domestic abuse, as well as working with government’s around the world to get women into positions of power and working with activists to help reduce the stigma around things like sexual assault and periods.’