The Isle of Man Bank has announced it is switching its cards to Mastercard.

It hasn’t given a firm date for the transition from Visa, which is affecting the whole NatWest group.

When the bank does make the change, everyone will receive a new card, which will work in the same way as, well any other card.

The bank said: ‘We’re switching to Debit Mastercard and all our customers will soon receive a new replacement debit card.

‘Nothing is changing with your account, and your card will work in just the same way.

‘We’ve decided to move to Mastercard as it allows us to offer a better overall service to our customers. We’ll let you know closer to the time when you can expect to receive yours through the letterbox.

‘Around this time, your old Visa card will stop working, so please take a look at how to get started with your new Debit Mastercard.

‘We won’t contact you to request any personal details, so any requests you get could be a scam. We’ve gathered some information so you can help protect yourself from fraud and scams.’