The Isle of Man Army Cadets recently finished first in a competition ran by the Royal Artillery in Salisbury.

‘Exercise Ubique Hunter 2024’ looked to test cadets in a variety of ‘military and life skills’, with the island’s cadets being awarded a commemorative plaque while being engraved on the trophy which is displayed at the Regimental Headquarters in Larkhill, Salisbury.

Second Lieutenant O’Reilly, the press relations officer, said: ‘Cadets from the Isle of Man worked tirelessly to prepare for this competition, attending a number of training days on the island and working to hone their skills at the regular detachment parade nights.

‘The team consisted of Cadets from all across the island and we are extremely proud of their performance.

‘Travelling to Salisbury Plain on the Friday, the competition took place over the course of Saturday and Sunday, with an excellent result coming first overall. We want to thank the Royal Artillery regiment for putting on such a great event and we look forward to attending next year.’