There has been a rise in the number of people living in the Isle of Man, according to the latest census.

The figures for the 2021 count were published yesterday.

The island’s population stood at 84,069, an increase of 0.9% on 2016.

In the interim census of 2016, there was a fall in the number of people who live in the island.

It stood at 83,314, compared with 84,497 in 2011, so fewer people live in the island now than 10 years ago.

The average age of residents has risen from 42.5 to 44.4, underlining the island’s ’hyperaged’ population. An older population tends to incur higher health costs and pension payments. However, the number of people in employment has increased by 1,930 people (4.6%), while the economically active population rose to 44,875, an increase of 4.9%.

A total of 49.6% of people who live in the Isle of Man were born here, while 10.3% of the population was not born in the Isle of Man, Channel Islands, United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland.

The census also reveals that 2,223 of us have some understanding of the Manx language.

The ethnicity breaks down as 94.7% white, 3.1% Asian, 0.6% black, 1% mixed and 0.6% other.

The main language spoken at home is English for 96.1% of people in the island.

In terms of religion, 54.7% said they were Christian, 0.5% Muslim, 0.4% Hindu, 0.2% Jewish and 43.8% no religion.

Douglas’s population was 26,677, a drop from 26,997.

The populations elsewhere were Onchan 9,039; Ramsey 8,299; Peel 5,710; Port Erin 3,730; Castletown 3,206; Port St Mary 1,989 and Laxey 1,656.

Peel grew by 6.3%, Ramsey by 5.6%, Port Erin by 7.1% and Malew by 9.2%.

Braddan is the most populous parish, with 3,404 residents. Bride is the smallest with 359.

When the census was carried out, 5,695 properties were empty.

A new statistic is sexuality. A total of 97.3% of respondents said they were heterosexual. The figure for gay and lesbian was 1.2% and for bisexual was 1%.

The number of people with a long-term physical or mental condition or disability was 10,038.

In 1951, the island’s resident population was 54,024. There was a big drop to 47,166 in 1961. The population has grown ever since until the 2016 census.