Three Youtubers who recorded themselves running across the Isle of Man found themselves on the wrong side of a furious homeowners fence.

Thomas Davies, better known online as GeoWizard, raced Archie and Adam Fieldhouse across the island in December last year, with the video uploaded to YouTube earlier this week.

It’s had more than 350,000 views since being uploaded on Sunday.

In the popular video the three men embark on a race from Glen Wyllin to Laxey beach, aiming not only for victory but also to chart the straightest course possible.

However their adventure took an unexpected turn when they inadvertently trespassed into one man’s garden in Laxey.

The irate homeowner was quick to voice his displeasure to internet sensation Thomas Davies, threatening to involve the police.

Yet, as tensions simmered, he perhaps begrudgingly saw an opportunity to impart some local wisdom.

Once the initial confrontation cooled, the homeowner, who’s face had been blurred out of the video, offered guidance on the most direct path to the finish line at Laxey beach.

Throughout their journey across the island, they showed off the countryside, running and climbing through fields and roads.

The 46-minute video also showed the trio contend with the Sulby reservoir.

Thomas told his followers that the 10-mile adventure was full of ‘excitement, drama, pain and one rather angry landowner’.