An Isle of Man skateboard instructor has been chosen to take part in an international programme in the sport.

Ali Mellor is among 16 boarders picked to take part in the 2024 ROLL Models initiative.

Designed by Skateistan and Women Win, the programme aims to support and create visibility for diverse women leaders in skateboarding to help build confidence, life skills, and a sense of community in the next generation of female and gender-diverse boarders.

Each ROLL Model picked gets a grant to design and deliver their skateboarding projects across Europe.

Ali, who is a Gal Skate instructor at the Shred House and currently the first and only qualified female skateboarding coach on the island, is the first person from the Isle of Man ever to be selected for the programme.

She was originally inspired to get into skateboarding by her daughter Ivy and now also sits on the advisory board to the UK governing and Olympic body for skateboarding (GB Skateboarding).

Ali said: 'I’m a little shell shocked to be honest.

‘I’m really grateful for the opportunity and funding I’ve been awarded from Skatisan and The Good Push Alliance.’

The initiative also sees skateboarders from all over the world come together to learn from each other and promote the country they represent.

'This is the start of getting the Isle of Man recognised around the world for skateboarding as a sport whilst showcasing the amazing skateboarding community here and also how vital and rewarding this sport is,’ Ali said.

'My ethos is everyone can learn to Skateboard and at any age!

‘I’m 41 and still learning!

‘The funding I’ve received from Skatisan and The Good Push will be part of a skateboarding program I’ll be implementing on the Island for all ages and gender who are all welcome!'

As well as receiving funding for her skateboarding project, she'll be heading off to Paris in August for an in-person Leadership Camp.