TT ace Dean Harrison is the star of a new video produced by the government’s Locate Isle of Man team.

The latter is an agency of the Department for Enterprise and was set-up to encourage people to move to the island.

The three-time TT winner relocated to Laxey with his partner Vicky and young children in April, making the move from Bradford.

In the four-minute video Harrison and Vicky share the reasons as to why they decided to move from West Yorkshire to the island and how much they have enjoyed their time in the island so far.

Dean in particular speaks about how the move has allowed him to easily partake in his favourite sports aside from the TT: ‘My personal favourite thing on a sunny day is that I can get on my enduro bike and I can just head up over the mountain and the green lanes and enjoy the views and the scenery and even stop at a cafe on the way and enjoy a cup of tea!

‘I also enjoy cycling - there’s lots of roads and hills and things to climb on my road bike.’

The 34 year old also quipped he was hoping the move would improve his performance at the TT as he was looking forward to sleeping in his own bed each night instead of having to stay in a motorhome in the paddock for two weeks!

He finishes the video by describing the island in three words, saying it’s: ‘Stress-free, peaceful and safe.’