Cube, the former TT merchandise contract holder has paid none of its debts to the government.

That is despite Cube International owing the government £160,000 plus VAT, with the amount expected to increase as interest is applied for a late penalty.

Cube Partnership Limited was awarded a contract by the Department for Enterprise in January 2023 before going into voluntary liquidation in July.

The contract was subsequently held by its parent company, Cube International, which has since been terminated.

Some £65,000 is also owed to local businesses.

Douglas North MHK, John Wannenburgh, asked Enterprise Minister, Tim Johnston, how much VAT and other debt the government has so far recovered from Cube.

In his response, Mr Johnston said: ‘Despite repeated promises to the contrary, from the company, to date the Department has not received any payments from Cube International and continues to pursue all outstanding amounts.’

In late November, Mr Johnston said: ‘Whilst the monies still remain outstanding and the Department continues to actively pursue these debts, Cube International has advised the Department that third party financing is currently being sought and that it will make the outstanding payments including local supplier payments when that has been secured.’

The Department for Enterprise is liaising with all local suppliers and continues to make representations on their behalf to Cube International, according to Mr Johnston.

He added: ‘As the department isn’t a contracted party, the Department has also advised local businesses owed money to continue conversations directly with Cube International as well.’

But Douglas North MHK, John Wannenburgh who has asked a number of questions on the matter said in November that someone needed to be held accountable for the failed contract with Cube.

He also called for Mr Johnston to resign over the matter.

Documents released under a Freedom of Information request revealed that significant work to move the 
contract from Cube Partnership Limited to Cube International took place just three months after the initial contract with Cube Partnership was signed.

But the then MHK with responsibility for motorsport, Tim Crookall, said in August, when Cube Partnership Limited’s liquidation became public that it was Cube 
International Ltd which initially tendered for and was successfully awarded the merchandise contracts.