A 53-year-old woman has been put on probation and given a restraining order after a love triangle turned sour.

Mejeaan Brummer admitted harassing a married man who had had an affair with her.

She sent Whatsapp messages, made social media posts, and sent an email to his workplace attaching an intimate image.

Deputy High Bailiff Rachael Braidwood sentenced Brummer to a 12 month probation order, with the restraining order in force until further notice.

The court heard that after their affair ended, Brummer had harassed the man for a period of just under six months.

She emailed his workplace, attaching an intimate picture of him, and copied the email to his wife.

Prosecuting advocate Peter Connick read details from a victim impact statement, written by the man’s wife, though she was not the complainant in the case.

She said that details sent in the work email had disclosed private information to her husband’s work colleagues, and she felt that her ‘world crumbled’.

She said that she felt that Brummer had wanted to cause maximum harm and humiliation to her.

The wife said it had caused her anxiety and stress, and that their marriage had broken down.

She said that she felt distressed, and did not know what Brummer’s next move would be.

The woman said that she had taken time off work and was receiving counselling.

She said that it had also impacted her husband’s mental health.

Defence advocate Helen Lobb said that no threats had been made to the complainant or his wife over the time of the offending, and that the harassment had involved persistent and unwanted contact towards the male.

Ms Lobb said that the complainant had had the option to block Brummer online but had chosen to continue to engage with her.

‘She accepts her actions went beyond what was acceptable,’ said the advocate.

Brummer claimed that she had sent the email to the man’s employer because she had legitimate concerns about his actions in his workplace.

Ms Lobb said that the photo attached had been distorted and that the defendant claimed her actions had not been fuelled by anger.

However, a probation report said that Brummer’s behaviour and thinking had been distorted by her feelings of anger and how she felt she had been treated by the man.

Ms Lobb asked for credit to be given for the guilty plea and said that the defendant had also made admissions during her police interview.

The probation report said it appeared from what Brummer had said, that she may have been ‘led up the garden path’ by the man.

Deputy High Bailiff Rachael Braidwood said: ‘It’s clear the harassment continued for several months, involving Whatsapp messages and posts on social media, and involved his work, his wife, and his sister.

‘Your actions would have brought a great deal of distress to all concerned.

‘You say you emailed his work out of genuine concern, but it appears to me a great deal of what you did was purely vindictive, in terms of involving his work and his wife.

‘There was no need to involve his wife in your vindictiveness.’

Brummer, who lives at Arbory Road in Castletown, was also ordered to pay £125 prosecution costs within seven days.