A Jersey parliamentarian has spoken of the values within the ‘Commonwealth family’ during a recent dinner at Tynwald.

States of Jersey Deputy Kristina Moore was speaking ahead of the ‘Tynwald Commonwealth Day’ dinner in March, at which she was guest speaker.

Deputy Moore said: ‘Commonwealth Day and the events surrounding it is an opportunity to celebrate the Commonwealth, while to be representing the States of Jersey in the Isle of Man presents an opportunity for our two ancient democracies to share experiences.

‘The core values of the Commonwealth – among which are democracy, human rights and rule of law – remain extremely relevant in these challenging times.

‘The more we are able to meet across the Crown Dependencies, the more we can help each other, because we are all having to work smarter and be more creative.’

During her visit, Deputy Moore was taken on a tour of the Legislative Buildings, led by the Speaker of the House of Keys, Juan Watterson SHK.

Talking about the tour, she said: ‘Visiting the chambers gave a real sense of how democracy in the Isle of Man operates. Against the background of International Women’s Day in March, it’s interesting to learn how the island has long been a champion of women’s rights, pioneering votes for women in 1881.’

Deputy Moore added: ‘Jersey and the Isle of Man are facing many similar cost-of-living challenges, so I was pleased to meet members of the Tynwald Youth Select Committee and hear about their inquiry into affordable housing.

‘As yet we do not have such a committee in Jersey but I believe there is a need for one as a means of giving young people a voice on matters that most affect them.’