Would you recognise a ’juan mooar’ when you see it flying along the coast?

Have you wondered who’s path you are following when walking the ’Raad ny Foillan’, or maybe you have often heard the song of the ’lhon dhoo’ in your back garden?

A presentation on the bird life around the island and their relationship with Manx culture and folklore will take place this weekend at two different ends of the island.

Culture Vannin and Manx BirdLife will present the ’Eeanlee Vannin/Birds of Mann’ talk, firstly at the Methodist Church in Laxey on Saturday, June 26, from 10am and again at the Erin Arts Centre, Port Erin, on Sunday, June 27, from 3pm.

The talks will look at the wide range of on birds commonly found in the Isle of Man, as well as exploring their Manx Gaelic names, and will be given by Neil Morris and Michelle Storton of Manx BirdLife.

Paul Rogers will present examples of some of the Manx names for birds and the often-interesting explanations for how they came about, including the aforementioned great black-backed Gull (juan mooar), the seagull (foillan) and the blackbird (lhon dhoo).

The talks will be free to attend, with donations to Manx BirdLife accepted.

Places can be booked in advance by emailing: [email protected], although people are welcome to turn up on the day.

The events form part of Gaelg21: a month-long celebration of the Manx language.