The Deputy Mayor of Douglas has been inspecting play areas around the city.

It follows a number of complaints from parents who feel the parks need more maintenance.

Steven Crellin says he understands parents’ frustrations, and believes Anagh Coar’s playground appears to be the worst.

Other issues include a lack of benches in some parks and inaccessibility for prams and wheelchairs.

Steven Crellin said: ‘It started with a post on Facebook that Mr Pitts put up with regards to Nobles Park and within a few minutes of that being put up, I was getting messages from constituents within Pulrose, Anagh Coar, Spring Valley, and I had a woman up at Ballavarga who contacted me.

‘So I thought I might as well go around and inspect the parks myself, take photographs and relay that information back to the director of Regeneration so she can give me some information to tell me whether there’s anything getting done or whether there’s stuff in the middle of being ordered.

‘A couple of issues that were raised was that we had people coming back to us with regards to Pulrose and Anagh Coar with disabled access and also pram access because Anagh Coar sits in the middle of a field and getting from the main path up into the park itself sometimes can be quite difficult.’

Mr Crellin said that this is being looked at currently.