The government is dealing with the landslide on Laxey promenade as a matter of priority.

It happened this week at the former End Cafe site, which prompted concern from Garff Commissioners.

The authority wanted to see fast action taken and contacted government departments, including the Health and Safety Inspectorate, the Planning and Building Control Directorate, and the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture’s Environmental Health team.

A spokesperson from the commissioners said: ‘When there’s been landslides there, it’s usually been as a result of man-made interventions.

‘It’s where there’s been holes in the wall and the water, rather than running down the road and into the gulleys, it’s gone over the edge, saturated the vegetation that sits on top of the rock and that’s brought material down.

‘That’s happened a couple of times.

‘What’s different with this one is the rock face is quite fractured and there’s significant lumps of material coming down which I’ve not seen before. That’s what’s concerning.’

Landslips have happened in the same spot previously.

In 2018, a report on a planning application for the site noted there had been four landslips within 30 metres of the site, as well as other landslips on cliffs in the vicinity of Laxey.

The Garff Commissioners spokesperson added: ‘We have sent an email to the director of highways to flag our concerns regarding Old Laxey Hill and the highway above where the land is slipping away.

‘We’ve asked them if they could get a suitable person to carry out an assessment of the landslide and whether or not it is a danger to the highway above.’

DEFA said that the Planning and Building Control sections have both been contacted about the situation and ‘are looking into it as a priority’.

Following the landslip, the area was cordoned off as debris continued to fall down the cliffside.

End Cafe had been derelict for several years and was finally demolished in March last year.

Several planning applications have been made over the last 20 years to redevelop the site.