Readers will have seen your reports about the proposals for sewage treatment and disposal in Laxey and Lonan.

It has been a long story which has no conclusion yet.

One of the consequences of Manx Utilities’ action is that two sites have been acquired in advance of any firm proposals and one of them, by Laxey Harbour, has been unused and blighted for several years.

The former Laxey holiday chalets were a feature of the village and a thriving tourist business.

It was shut down at very short notice and is now, after more than five years of disuse, a derelict site.

Worse than that, it appears that MU may not need the site for which they paid a considerable sum of public money.

The second site, the Garwick Glen Estate, Baldrine, was acquired more recently. It too is showing signs of disuse and decay.

As yet, there are no final proposals for the sewage plant and none for the rest of the site – Garwick House and lake and Garwick Glen.

Further afield, we learn that the splendid Glenfaba House near Peel was demolished to make way for a scheme which has now stalled.

How can the chairman of Manx Utilities justify a destructive practice with such a profligate use of other people’s money ?

Tony Pass


This letter was first published in the Manx Independent of August 31.

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