In recent months the tiny cove of Port Skillion has become a favourite spot for sea swimmers, dog walkers and picnickers alike.

The beach is much improved since the makeover after storms virtually destroyed the access to the beach two years ago.

Now that spring has arrived and with it warmer weather, it has become a very dangerous place for everyone.

There is a constant discovery of broken glass bottles scattered randomly over large areas of the beach.

We now spend the first 10 minutes collecting as much glass as we can and always come prepared with carrier bags.

Someone or some dog will eventually end up with a very serious injury.

As well as glass, there are barbecue kits, cans, plastic bottles, rubbish of every kind.

There is not a bin for waste at the beach but in the car park above there are two large ones.

It is a huge shame that the thoughtless,careless few should spoil this lovely beach for the rest of us who delight in its beauty.

Please, please whoever is responsible for this abuse, think on and take your rubbish home.

We are so lucky to have so many gorgeous beaches, it is a luxury most people do not have.

Sue Partington

Wheel Hill


This letter was first published in the Manx Independent of May 18.

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