The Isle of Man must re-think their plans to allow wind farms offshore in our shipping lanes and the proposed wind farms in the south or north of the island.

At the very least they are massively expensive to install and maintain, they blight our beautiful landscape and destroy needed agricultural land.

The politicians and business leaders promoting these programmes, have also exhibited a total disregard for the natural beauty of our island.

We travel often to Scotland and see the ugly windmills on the beautiful hillsides and landscape and most of the time many of them aren’t even working.

It has been announced that German energy giant RWE has already dismantled many windmill farms and are removing seven more.

They are starting up their brown coal excavation again for an additional 15m to 20million tonnes.

They defended this move due to the energy crisis and it is economically sound to take these steps.

Germany is on the brink of a recession and needs to change its way of doing business in order to avoid a serious energy crisis.

They are going to miss the targets for the EU Net Zero objectives by 2030 by 15 years, if not more.

Germany is turning away from the EU’s Green Deal, along with many other conservative countries in Europe, and they have turned away from the Net Zero because they are not achievable or realistic.

At the last WEF conference in Davos every topic that was discussed had Net Zero injected into it as if it had to be declared in order to belong to the climate change club.

Anyone following what is happening to the countries in the EU will see that the Net Zero programme is collapsing.

If the Isle of Man government feels the need to show that they are in compliance with some authoritarian agenda, by spending millions of taxpayers’ money for expensive, ineffective and passé wind farms and acres of rows of solar panels, perhaps they should instead consider using some money to subsidise home owners with their efforts to put some solar panels on the roof of their homes to help with the costs of electricity.

They should not destroy rich agricultural land with windmills and rows upon rows of solar panels.

I am concerned that the Isle of Man Government has already decided they are going down this misguided, wasteful and expensive path, and is just going through the motions of trying to appease the voters and taxpayers.

Please convince me that I am wrong.

Name and address supplied

Editor’s note; So far there are no plans to build offshore wind turbines to the north and south of the Isle of Man in Manx waters.

The only site in waters over which we have jurisdiction that is currently being considered is east of Maughold Head, although it’s early days for that.

The turbine developments which are feared will make life more difficult for the Steam Packet are in UK waters and are, therefore, outside the jurisdiction of Tynwald.

This letter was first published in the Manx Independent of September 7..

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