I wish to applaud the recent letter from Dr Joannis Vamvakopoulos (Manx Independent, April 13) highlighting the misleading inaccuracies and fear-mongering from other medical practitioners regarding the Assisted Dying Bill proposed by Dr Allinson.

Of course there have to be stringent protocols in place by the relevant authorities for safe, ethical practice.

It is important that those involved follow their own conscience so they are not coerced or manipulated by others.

At the end of the day (literally) these professionals should, ideally, put aside their own personal biases and do their job in relieving suffering and, if necessary, assisting those who ask for help to end their lives in a respectful manner in a situation which may already be highly charged with mixed emotions.

Those medical and religious bigots need to develop more compassion for those in dire need for whom they are responsible.

Not to help such a suffering soul creates more harm physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

A few generations ago, most people died at home surrounded by family and friends.

Death and dying was seen as a sacred family or community event, not as a ‘medical condition’ which it has become in modern times.

Now the dying are often put into clinical institutions away from the warmth and familiarity of home, creating more stress and anxiety.

There have been many letters in the local newspapers against assisted dying from interfering do-gooders who apparently have no sensitivity to the suffering involved by the distressed individual, being hugely vocal about the sanctity and preservation of human life.

However, I have never seen any comments in the newspapers objecting to the use of spermicides and the ‘morning after pill’, created by the medical establishment to specifically kill potential human life.

An interesting contradiction of ethics.

Any word including ‘-icide’ within it means ‘to kill’.

For example, genocide, infanticide, suicide, homocide, rodenticide, herbicide, fungicide and pesticide etc.

Assisted dying, therefore, is not suicide or homocide as the dying person has chosen to ASK FOR HELP to end their life, either with clarity of mind in the present moment, or via a carefully prepared document, signed, witnessed and dated before, say, dementia took control.

Please respect the wishes of those suffering souls who request help to end their lives.

It is THEIR DEATH, not yours.

David Leesley


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