Mark Cavendish is the greatest cycling sprinter the world has ever seen, and he’s ours!

Right from his very early days being coached by Dot Tilbury until this year when he set the Tour de France alight just by being in it, we have always seen Cav as one of us and, at the same time, he’s the world famous Manx Missile!

So, for goodness sake, Isle of Man, let’s do something really significant to recognise the man!

By renaming an airport, Belfast acknowledged the achievements of George Best and Liverpool did the same for John Lennon. We could do that, too!

It goes without saying that a knighthood for Cav would be fully appropriate. That, of course, would be in the gift of King Charles III.

For starters, why don’t we rename our principal harbour to become ‘Douglas Mark Cavendish Harbour’ or, alternatively, rename the airport to be announced to incoming passengers as ‘Isle of Man Mark Cavendish Airport’?

Let’s get our heads together and do something, but do it soon, do it properly and let’s do it BIG!

Right now, though, our thoughts are with Cav and all his family. We’re wishing them everything that’s good, freedom from pain for Mark and a speedy recovery! Get well soon, Mark!

Keith Teare


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