Why do the police deem it necessary to inform vandals and thugs via the news websites, that the police will be high profile in Laxey this weekend?

The trouble was last weekend with these mindless idiots terrorising locals and ‘owning’ the village.

Police should go in covertly and mingle with them, not sit in cars and vans waiting for them to kick off.

Given the warning the thugs will either stay home for the weekend and come out next week when police are elsewhere, or catch the bus to Douglas and cause trouble there.

Police may think it reassures locals and maybe it does for two evenings but catching these criminals at it and prosecuting them would be better.

Name and shame them with pictures up for people to see will deter them more, but of course nowadays that would infringe their human rights.

Never mind the human rights of the poor folk who get caught in the middle of it all.

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