Now that it’s baby seagull season again, could everyone spare a thought for these wild birds that have adapted to living with us so efficiently?

They may make a bit of a racket in the mornings and can’t help themselves grabbing the odd sandwich or ice cream that is being waved around, but I think we should recognise their achievements.

They are loyal (and brave) parents, can live for over 20 years, mate for life and have incredible learning and communication ability.

If your roof has been lucky enough to be chosen as a nest for their babies, don’t be impatient with them.

Look out for their welfare and do your best to help the youngsters through their first few weeks and months until they can fly, instead of being hit by a car and dying in the road with a broken wing.

For any true animal lover, seeing all the young seagulls get safely to the sea would be something to be proud of and, who knows, maybe the parents will choose your chimney again next year.

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This letter was first published in the Manx Independent of June 22.

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