I read in a news report on Manx news regarding the health service at Noble’s Hospital, Paul Moor,e director of nursing, announced: ‘The only way the island health care system can manage future demands is through adapting new practices and embracing modern technology.’

Then he went further that he feared pressures can only increase further as the island’s ageing population becomes increasingly frail’.

How can he make remarks like this when he too will become old, infirm, stuck in his ways, be less productive in his old age, sure enough Mr Moore it will happen to you one day. Why are we blaming them for living-longer?

Why is this generation bearing the brunt of so much negativity for an ageing population on the island in today’s society as a whole, when you look at the younger generation taking illegal drugs, or worse still ending-up in Accident & Emergency at the weekend because they have had to much to drink costing the NHS thousands of pounds.

I can go much further, those who do not turn up for their appointments either at the hospital or, at their doctors’ surgeries, look at those problems first before pointing the finger at the older generation.

This generation has contributed more than any other age-group they have worked longer hours than most of us, some of them have continued to work long after their retirement they have paid their dues in full.

The government not so long ago wanted retirees to go back to work again to fill-in the job market.

It is a generation that ‘cuts its cloth accordingly to how they live’ they look after their grandchild/grandchildren ‘free of charge’ whilst the parents go out to work, this generation also do voluntary work to help those in need many other attributes,

Remember, those who are young today will sooner, or later become old and grey themselves, we on the other-hand will be long-gone and the ‘circle of life’ begins again.

Susan Watts

Gardeners Lane


This letter was first published in the Manx Independent of September 28

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