Tynwald needs to modify the terms of reference for rates and financial consequences to be considered at any inquiry regarding boundary changes.

These factors are relevant:

a) The real issue here is that there is no consideration given in the process for financial consequences, As such that results in a skewed analysis.

b) Before the inquiry begins the amount which Ramsey town can spend on there application should be capped to avoid them an unfair advantage with their financial resources.

Six criteria:

1) Areas marked for inclusion into Ramsey are not part of its urban community

2) Many public services are provided outside Ramsey town and Ramsey’s residents travel out to use them. Jurby Community Centre, which houses a GP surgery.

Changing to a weekly refuse collection would not encourage people to recycle!

3 The area sought after is mostly agricultural fields, entirely different from Ramsey Town.

4) There are already well-established, clear physical boundaries!

The existing greenbelt should be maintained. It serves its purpose very well.

5) There is considerable brownfield land within the present Ramsey town boundary that is not developed.

Much of the surrounding green fields cannot be developed, so would not be any se to Ramsey Town. Wiser to wait for the northern and western area plan.

6) For Ramsey Town, the gain would be financial, the jewel in the crown would appear to be Glen Auldyn ratepayers. But the ‘financial impact’ is not relevant under the criteria listed.

The balance of advantage lies in good judgement, which has to be for the common good, hasn’t it

This is good common sense, founded on professional judgement and experience on what has served the community well, with a strong Manx identity.

Could the honourable MHKs for Ayre and Michael comment?

Of course they cannot interfere with the inquiry, which has to follow due process.

However, a few words encouraging their constituents to value their countryside so it will not be overdeveloped and end up looking like a Channel island, where the sight of agriculture and any farm stock is very minimal.

Finally, the 138-dwelling residential development at Lower Milntown did not succeed and all the fields west of the Glen Auldyn river should be returned to Lezayre parish.

JH Teare


This letter was first published in the Isle of Man Examiner of September 5.

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