The Examiner’s headline last month ‘Far Right’s, Pro-White, Propaganda,’ I think it is fair to say, shocked a large proportion of people.

Even those who shared some sympathies, such as the protection of childhood from the indulgences of woke culture would, quite rightly, balk at such blatant extremism.

Extremists are always out there but generally, in a balanced society, are quickly marginalised and pass by barely noticed.

Upset this equilibrium, and add a good measure of political dissatisfaction, and the tables begin to turn.

History is littered with examples with, arguably, the most notable being, the rise of the Nazi party in 1930s Germany.

This bares classic testimony to what can happen when the invisible line is crossed that allows fringe pressure groups to gain traction with the general voting populace.History also tells us that, radical action and attempted suppression of these groups, rarely works and, in many cases creates, a backlash of sympathetic support.

Renowned American anthropologist Sophie Bjork-James, whose field of expertise lies in the study of right-wing extremism, is reported to having said to, international American broadcasting network, Voice of America, ‘Anti-LGBTQ sentiment is one of the easiest ways to build a broader coalition among the radical right…’

Isle of Man Examiner, April 25, 2023

Let us not make this mistake on the Isle of Man where we still, theoretically, have the independent right to choose our own path. Surely, dealing with extremism, should be about finding a cure, not, treating the symptoms.

The, wholesale, unapologetic, adoption of woke culture by our own government appears to have created the perfect seeding ground for an equal and opposite response.

Generally, people left to their own devices, are more than happy to promote an, all encompassing culture of, live and let live, tolerance and diversification without being coerced into over indulgence.

Arguably the world has never enjoyed such a period of celebrated differences.

It is surely a wonderful thing for people to feel safe and comfortable in their own skins no matter what their persuasions providing they don’t cause harm or hurt to others.

And, there we have it, a basic and open morality code acceptable to most, while at the same time, slamming the door firmly in the face of extremist opportunists seeking only to capitalise on the fear and mistrust of the silent majority.

My plea to our government, is not to act as over excited children in a sweet shop desperate to taste a newly introduced flavour, but instead, to actively promote the moderate middle ground where fanatics from both sides of the fence will find it next to impossible gain a foothold.

To push hard is to invite push back.

Let’s not risk throwing the baby out with the bath water.

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