It is absolutely marvellous that inconsiderate parking has been tackled at the hospital.

I do hope any revenue made through parking tickets will be wisely spent.

What about the island as a whole?

As a car driver, pedestrian and parent with children using the road, too often I see cars parked without any consideration, care or compassion for anyone else.

Even when reported to the police and Department of Infrastructure, nothing is done.

I live close to a thoroughfare for three schools.

Cars are daily parked without any consideration for others.

Visibility is diminished and children have to cross every day between illegally parked cars.

I understand the police are overworked and understaffed but accidents have happened and will happen again unless this is addressed.

The revenue if each and every one of those cars received a ticket would be substantial for the government purse.

It may go some way to fixing the diabolical state of our roads.

But that’s a whole other story.

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