On June 29 I shared with many others the very great pleasure of An Evening with Phil Kelsall and the Mighty Wurlitzer at the Villa Marina Arcade.

And what an amazing concert it was. Snuckerdoodles!

There is something profoundly moving when seeing a stellar performer at the top of their form.

And Phil Kelsall, a man with decades of experience on the Wurlitzer organ in Blackpool Tower Ballroom, is just such a man.

And my hat, how he really did show what is meant by the saying that a Wurlitzer organ in a whole orchestra in one instrument.

I take this opportunity of thanking most sincerely Phil and all those ‘behind the scenes’ folk who worked hard to make this event the amazing success it was.

For those who missed this amazing event there are, fortunately, still opportunities to hear our very own Wurlitzer at the Wednesday mid-day Summer Wurlitzer Concerts in the Villa Marina Arcade – next concert - by John Riley - on July 12. Don’t miss them!

Doug Clark

Ballamodha Straight


This letter first appeared in the Isle of Man Examiner of July 4.

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