Government House has proudly announced that His Excellency Sir John Lorimer and Lady Lorimer have achieved qualification as British Sub-Aqua Club ocean divers.

Their accomplishment is particularly significant given their roles as joint patrons of the Manx Wildlife Trust.

With this new qualification, they are eager to personally witness the diverse marine life that inhabits the waters surrounding the island.

Starting their diving journey in January, the couple began training with the Isle of Man Sub Aqua Club.

Their initial sessions took place in the swimming pool at King William’s College under the guidance of diving officer John Kermode and training officer Richard Wild.

The training covered the essentials of using diving equipment and the experience of breathing underwater.

After numerous sessions, both in the pool and classroom, they progressed to open water dives in the Irish Sea. Among the highlights of their diving experiences was an exploration of the 1822 wreck of the HM Brig of War Racehorse, located off the coast of Langness.

This dive allowed them to connect with the island's rich maritime history and observe the abundant marine life.

Lady Lorimer found particular interest in Dead Man’s Fingers, a soft coral colony consisting of numerous small animals sharing a gelatinous skeleton. Despite challenging conditions, such as the poor visibility caused by a plankton bloom during a dive in Port Erin, the Lorimers have thoroughly enjoyed their underwater adventures. This bloom, typical for May, creates murky waters but also attracts basking sharks, offering a unique spectacle for divers. A spokesperson from Government House added: ‘Looking ahead, His Excellency and Lady Lorimer are excited to continue their diving explorations. They plan to join Leigh Morris, chief executive of the Manx Wildlife Trust, on future dives to explore seagrass beds and Marine Nature Reserves around the Isle of Man.’