Lieutenant Governor Sir John Lorimer and Lady Philippa Lorimer are TT marshals this year.

Sir John said: ‘We are now well into the 2023 TT. dWe have been marshalling these last two evenings at Gorse Lea and Black Dub.’

The couple intend to be at Signpost Corner in Onchan tonight.

Sir John added: ‘A big shout out to all the amazing volunteer marshals for your incredible hard work and support.

Sir John and Lady Lorimer completed their training to be TT marshals earlier this year.

Training involves watching an introductory film, which has to be done before newbies can be placed out on the course with an experienced team of TT marshals.

A spokesman for the marshals said: ‘Watching and learning the ropes from our longstanding, knowledgeable volunteers is an important part of training and gives new recruits the opportunity to experience marshalling, and ask plenty of questions, while enjoying the camaraderie of being part of the team.’

Sir John has been involved in the TT races in multiple ways in the past, including going on a lap of the course with rider Richard ‘Milky’ Quayle last year.

This year, Sir John accompanied by Lady Lorimer opened the new TT Gallery.

After the event he said: ‘If you love the TT and motorcycles you must visit the new TT Gallery at the Manx Museum. It is absolutely brilliant.’