An eight-year-old is raising money for a charity that provides real wigs to children and young people who have lost their hair through cancer treatment and other conditions.

Ava Quilliam-Langton had 11 inches of hair cut off at the weekend.

The girl from Ramsey had been growing her hair for almost a year.

She said: ‘It was kind of weird getting it done but I was happy at the end.

‘It felt good doing it for charity.

‘I’ve never got my hair cut that short but I think it looks really good.’

Ava wanted to donate her hair to the British charity Little Princess Trust, which accepts a minimum length of seven inches of air to be turned into wigs, after being inspired by a friend.

Her mum Mandy Quilliam said: ‘Her childminder’s daughter, Charlotte Salt, she set up the page and everything for us.

‘This all started when Charlotte did it and got her hair all cut off and Ava was asking a lot of questions about how a little girl could lose her hair due to illness and so from that point she decided to grow her hair and do it herself.

‘This is Ava’s first time doing anything like this for charity.

‘I’m really proud of her. She’s literally only just turned eight at the end of November and she seemed so excited about getting her hair cut and doing it for this charity.

‘She’s really pleased with herself and we’re all proud of her as well.’

Ava went to Crazy Jacks Barber Shop in Ramsey on Saturday, where Justine McQueen cut her hair.

‘She didn’t want any money for it and she also gave a £20 donation towards the page, and gave Ava £5 to treat herself,’ said Mandy.

Ava also aims to raise enough money to provide two more wigs to the Little Princess Trust.

It costs the charity, which has provided thousands of real hair wigs to sick children and young people aged up to 24 years across the UK and Ireland, £550 per wig.

A JustGiving page has been set up which has now raised more than £800.

Charlotte, who is running it, said: ‘When I cut my hair and donated it to the Little Princess Trust over a year ago, I explained to Ava where the hair and money would go and who it would help.

‘A few months ago she decided that she would also like to cut her hair and donate it for children who have lost their hair to cancer or another condition.

‘Ava is an amazing young girl who is so smart and strong and we are all so immensely proud of her for doing this!

‘It would be great if you could leave a message for her as she would love to read through them all.’

The page will remain open for another two weeks to give people time to get involved.

To donate to Ava’s JustGiving page, search ‘Ava’s big hair donation’.