Houses made to help the mythical little people of the island move into Laxey can now be spotted around the village.

Garff Commissioners are hoping the small fairy homes, which are made of tree bark, moss, wood and other natural resources, will encourage island residents to get outdoors in search of the new sites.

The holdings are currently located at the Washing Floors with the others eventually being stationed on the way down to Laxey beach to pay tribute to the village’s heritage on the banks of the Laxey River

’There are five currently with the sixth one being set up in the next few days,’ said Julie Mattan, from the commissioners.

’Everything they’re made of is biodegradable or natural.’

She explained that the houses will remain where they are until the elements break them down until they are no longer there.

As part of the initiative, members of the public can take photos of the fairy houses and post their findings to the commissioner’s Facebook page:

Clues as to where the little homes are hidden have been provided on leaflets which can be collected at Laxey stores.

Soon the different houses will have light features added for keen explorers to spot them at night.

Designed and created by a local woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, the opportunity to build the intricate fairy houses was used as a way of personal therapy.

Jamie Smith, who is on the regeneration committee at Garff Commissioners, said: ’It’s great to have something that a local resident has contributed, which gives another reason for families to come into the area.’

The committee has plans to extend the initiative further into Garff, which includes parishes Lonan and Maughold. This is hoped to start in four months time. Mr Smith added: ’We have other events within the area coming up, such as the Brass Band Festival returning for its second year - Prash Laxaa - on May 5.’

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