A special long service award has been made to Douglas resident Freddie Clague for 30 years’ service to the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture.

Freddie was born at Ballig, Little Mill, Onchan, and began his career working as a young lad for his father on the farm.

He took his driving test in an Austin Roadster cattle wagon - now considered to be one of the classic vehicles of its era.

Freddie Clague’s colourful life has also included working with Henry Taggart at Balldromma Farm and many years with the Milk Marketing Association driving milk tankers. He then moved to Birchill Farm to work with Robert Callow.

On his retirement at 69 he started a flock of sheep at Cooil Roi with Mrs Gleave.

Since then he has helped John Callow at Ballig (where he was born) and latterly with Derry and Tricia Kissack at Ballakissack Farm, Little Mill, who thanked him for his help.