A section of the Raad ny Foillan has been made wheelchair friendly thanks to improvement works from the Department of Infrastructure.

The section of the commonly used coastal path runs next to Cafe Bar TWO-SIX in Derbyhaven.

The DoI said the footpath has been levelled and finished with rolled road plannings to improve the surface for users generally but also to 'ensure that this part of the coastal footpath is now accessible to wheelchair users approaching it from the nearby roadside parking area'.

A fence has been installed along the edge of the sea wall as well.

The department added that the fence posts are still to be cut to size, but ensures the public that this remaining element of the work won't interfere with access.

Since announcing the updated section, the DoI has had positive feedback shared on its Facebook page.

One simply commented: 'On behalf of all wheelchair users... a big thankyou'.

Another added: 'Great job. Thanks for that. There will always be negative comments but as a mum who has had small children either cycling or walking along this bit, the fence and smoothing the track are good additions. It’s not a big drop but enough to sustain an injury should a little’un have an unfortunate moment and fall off the edge.'