We will be looking more at the idea of making this Christmas a ’local’ one by supporting as many island-based growers, farmers and producers - and those shops which stock their products - as possible.

We are already being told that, due to a combination of factors, there will be shortages in UK supermarkets this year so, just as during the pandemic, we are likely to be looking to our local suppliers to keep the island going and keep it festive.

The Manx March page on Facebook is an excellent place to start if you are looking for great local food at any time of the year.

The centrepiece of a traditional Christmas dinner is the turkey and, if you are looking for a locally hand-reared bird have a look also at the Manx Christrmas Turkeys page where they are now available to order from Ste and Stacy Chadwick’s family farm in Greeba.

Stacy said: ’This is our fifth or sixth year rearing turkeys: we rear about 100 each year. We had great feedback from our customers last year, and they are selling really quick this year.’

Approximate weights available are from 10-20lbs and they are priced at £5 per lb in weight with collection on December 23 and 24 at allocated times.

The birds come ready for the oven with giblets in a bag.

To order call Stacy on 304231 or Ste on 415002.

More details on the Manx Christmas Turkeys page on Facebook.